Welcome to Refreshing Rectangles

Welcome to Refreshing Rectangles

The short: it’s my new blog where I post about small-press comics.

The long: I miss blogs, ya know? I have rosy memories of the age of blogging, when enthusiasts on every subject curated their little niche of art, news, weird links, etc and you could peruse them at a leisurely pace with a bit of egalitarian RSS wizardry. And that was fun, yes, but maybe a bit too decentralized for the big brains of Silicon Valley to wring generational wealth from? So now, every morning, we report to the almighty social feed and open our gullets for the content funnel, a great big sluice of low-nutrition cross-talk that surely contains an occasional tasty nugget and even more surely generates primo foie-gras for our tech tycoon overlords. Yum!

I’m not telling you to delete your apps (on the contrary, go follow me on all of them!) but when it comes to my favorite subjects I’m craving ye blogges of olde. So here I am carving out my own little spot.

As for comics, I’m more excited about the medium all the time. This is my effort to share that excitement and provide a resource for the community.

I reserve the right to my blogger’s whims, but at first I plan to post:

  • Mostly indie, small-press, weird
  • Work I like
  • New/upcoming releases you should know about
  • Community: show/scene/shop resources
  • Updates on my own work … it’s my blog, damn it.

I do NOT expect to post:

  • Stuff about comics movies, shows, casting … by all means, get that shit on Twitter.
  • Serious criticism. I admire thoughtful critical writing but I’m not equipped to provide it. Maybe a guest blogger down the road?

I hope that’s a clear enough picture and I also hope that reading this long version is the last regret you have on my new blog. Welcome to Refreshing Rectangles.

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