Cankor: Anamnesis by Matthew Allison

Cankor: Anamnesis by Matthew Allison

I thank Matthew Allison for introducing me to a new word: anamnesis. It can mean a medical history, or, more appropriately in this case, a recollection of a previous existence. The self-published Cankor: Anamnesis is a consideration of specific past events that set the creator on his path as an artist.

I’d previously read the Cankor book published by AdHouse and this new material is in the same vein. The Cankor stories are self-reflections set upon a surreal stage of cosmic actors.

Allison’s drawing is impactful and beautiful, and ushers the eye through the story at a deliberate, masterful pace.

The artist clobbers himself with an Ignatz brick.

I’ve read (and perhaps created a few) autobiographical comics cloaked in fantastical elements serving mainly to keep the artist awake as they reel out mundane stories. That is NOT what’s happening here. The surreality of Cankor heightens the force of storytelling and focuses the reader on understanding the artist’s inner turmoil. There’s also plenty of ambiguity to gnaw on. These comics satisfy while read and linger in mind after.

Currently Allison is sold out of this new issue on his website but has sent stock to a select group of stores, so keep an eye out.

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