2021 Ignatz Awards nominees announced

2021 Ignatz Awards nominees announced

This post is a public service announcement to give a little visibility to the artists nominated for the Small Press Expo’s Ignatz Awards. These awards have been around since 1997. A small panel of comics professionals produces the list of nominees. A few items:

  • Here’s the full list of nominees. Go check it out.
  • In normal times Ignatz Award ballots are cast in person at the Small Press Expo. As there is no in-person event this year the voting has been opened up online. You can request a ballot here.
  • As someone who tries to pay attention to small press comics I am humbled by how many of the artists and works on the list are unknown to me. Whether it’s my own out-of-touchedness, actual obscurity of the work, or (hobby horse time!) the fragmented, absentee media landscape, I cannot say. But now I have a list of recommended comics to hunt down, and really that’s the clearest, ultimate purpose for comics awards.

(2021 Ignatz logo by Theo Stultz)

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