New resource: publication calendar

New resource: publication calendar

I’ve created a new resource listing publication dates of interesting comics, accessible via a link in the Resources box in the righthand sidebar. Or by clicking right HERE.

Some notes on this feature:

  • The purpose of this calendar is to increase attention for the sort of art/weird/mini comics that I write about on Refreshing Rectangles. I know plenty of people who love these comics but who are constantly surprised to hear that something is out, or that something came out a year ago, and they missed it.
  • Every calendar item is clickable which brings up a link to the publication’s page on the publisher’s website. The calendar is also scrollable back and forth in time to see older or future releases.
  • The listings are a bit skimpy at launch as I’m still figuring out the best way to get information about upcoming publications. You can be sure that I will be updating it frequently from here on.
  • I want this calendar to be bountiful and useful, but it will not be comprehensive. Partly because this is a rinky-dink operation and partly because there are swaths of comics outside the purview of this site. I’ve got my editorial discretion too. Having said that, if you are a publisher/artist and notice a glaring omission or mistake please reach out at

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