Hey kids! Hyperlinks!

Hey kids! Hyperlinks!

Jason Shiga

I don’t know how often I’ll do this, but here’s some worthwhile comics news/interviews I’ve recently ingested:

  • NEW SHIGA: Official mad genius Jason Shiga (Fleep, Meanwhile, Demon) sprung a three-book announcement on us unsuspecting unworthies. Interactive graphic novel series called Adventuregame Comics?!?
  • INDIES ON BOARD AT LUNAR DISTRIBUTION: On the small press distro beat, The Comics Journal‘s RJ Casey talks to folks behind some of my favorite publishers (Jason Leivian of Floating World, Tom Kaczynski of Uncivilized, and Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket) plus Christina Merkler of upstart distributor Lunar about their new, mutually-beneficial arrangement.
  • FLOATING WORLD X POWER COMICS: The aficionados of trash/treasure black-n-white indies Power Comics are teaming up with Floating World to curate a new line of reissues of old gems. First up: a collection of Steve McArdle’s Vendetta: Holy Vindicator.
  • AUSTIN ENGLISH INTERVIEW: Ryan C. of Four Color Apocalypse does a beautiful job talking to cartoonist and Domino Books owner Austin English about his upcoming book, the expansion of Domino into wholesale, and how to get more non-shitty comics into the hands of receptive readers.

Do you want this sort of link-blogging? Am I just regurging old news at you? Operators are standing by.

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