Wits’ End: The Zine #1 by Shah Emami

Wits’ End: The Zine #1 by Shah Emami

I hesitate to identify new trends since it’s quite possible that something is not new but rather that I am an oblivious ding-dong late to the party. Nevertheless, it seems to me that comics-related zines are having a moment. I’ve been enjoying (and will, at some point, feature) recent zines Bubbles, Strangers, and But Is It … Comic Aht? and am looking forward to digging into Shah Emami’s new zine companion to his Wits’ End podcast.

The Wits’ End podcast features conversations with independent creators and a healthy amount of Jack Kirby appreciation. That mix is represented in the first issue of the zine as well, including a couple Kirby features, interviews with cartoonists Jim Rugg and Jim Mahfood, a comparison of cowboy and samurai films, and a preview of a comic written by Emami with art by David Moses.

My first impression of Wits’ End: the Zine is that this thing is dense with information, which is exactly what I want in a zine. A serious chunk of comics knowledge to ingest.

Break out the hand lens for the Rugg interview!

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