Urasawa Channel

Urasawa Channel

Manga artist Naoki Urasawa (Monster, 20th Century Boys, Pluto, Asadora, etc) recently started a Youtube channel.

There are only a few videos up so far, but I’ve enjoyed them all. I’ll take any opportunity I can get to watch a master of the steel nib scrawl away.

There’s also an interview he conducts with a former assistant who’s gone on to become a popular mangaka in his own right. Shades of Urasawa’s Japanese TV program Manben, in which he records mangaka working in their studios and then discusses work process with them as they review the film. As far as I know Manben has never been officially translated and released outside of Japan, but you’re a resourceful hacker of the ‘net. I’m sure you can find it. Meanwhile, we have a bit of Youtube.

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