Scarfff 7

Scarfff 7

The creators of Scarfff accurately label it “an underground comix anthology newspaper.” There’s a lot to like in every word of that description. An all-comics newspapers radiates unique power. The vastness of a broadsheet dense with drawing. The fuzzy absorption of the lines in soft paper. The reek of ink. The modest format pairs well with the irreverent, playful, raw comics within.

Pages by Jon X Garaizar

Issue 7 is 28 pages with roughly 20 contributors hailing from Seattle and San Francisco. Each issue has a theme with issue 7’s being martial arts. The artists of Scarfff ingest this theme and excrete it out every which way. There’s autobiography, fantasy, humor, wordplay … some contributors attack the subject head-on while others land a glancing blow and then follow through to another galaxy.

Left page by T.S. Hart. Right page by Stieg Retlin.

As with anything like this, there are hits and misses but the unpredictability is part of the fun. The whole experience is a messy, satisfying burst of energy.

Some previous issues

Scarfff publishes on a quarterly schedule, and the cover price is FREE if you find it out at whatever blessed location. If not, there are inexpensive options to subscribe by mail and support this noble effort.

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