Lipstick Traces by T. Alixopulos

Lipstick Traces by T. Alixopulos

Alixopulos is one of my favorite cartoonists, full stop. He’s also criminally under-published which is why I’m so excited that he’s crowdfunding his latest, Lipstick Traces.

It will be a substantial 130+ album-sized pages of, “Parties, dance parties, after-parties, comics about getting ready, going out, hooking up, breaking down. Things that vanish with the dawn and traces that linger on.” Whew, right? You want that, right?

A typically beautiful Alixopulos page, linework hissing with desolation.

The Kickstarter is already funded, so the book happens with or without you. It’s just a question of whether you get one or not. From what I understand he’s not planning to overprint. With the campaign ending soon, you’d best hop to it.

A couple older Alixopulos books you should definitely also seek.

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