… and we’re back?!?

… and we’re back?!?

It’s been a while since I last posted so here’s a brief explanation on what happened and the posting I intend to resume:

  • I stopped writing comics reviews and other comics hype stuff, which was the original purpose of this blog.
  • I am going to start posting here again, mostly about my own creative work.

Less-brief explanation:

  • After that period of writing about comics I realized that it was taking a bit more time than I’d intended and I liked doing it a bit less than I’d expected. I wanted to reclaim that time for working on my own comics, so I stopped posting to the blog.
  • Of course that coincided with a stretch of wandering in the woods on my own work, experiments, false starts, angst, crying fully-clothed in the shower, etc.
  • *boilerplate harangue about the hell of social media and wanting a venue outside of someone else’s Pavlovian wealth sieve*
  • Once I settled down on some actual projects I started blogging about that work, but behind the paywall of my Patreon. The thinking was, “I have this Patreon from the last project. Use that?” It’s been unsatisfying and pointlessly exclusive.

Voila! I’m back out here in the Zuck-less blog wilderness ready to shoot my mouth off (within reason, I assure)! More soon!

P.S. I’m also discontinuing the new comics release calendar I’ve maintained. I had hoped it would be a useful service but I can tell exactly how few people ever look at it so I’ve decided it’s another bit of personal overhead to reclaim. Poof!

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