Catching up

Catching up

As mentioned previously, I will be posting new work to Refreshing Rectangles soon. But, in the meantime, here’s a round-up post of the main things I worked on over the past few years.

In 2021 I created and published a new, paper minicomic every month, roughly 140 pages of work. I wrote an in-depth post about the successes and failures of this project. These minis are now mostly out-of-print but I’m going back and reprinting some of my favorites with new, color covers.

In 2022 I published two issues of a new comic series Gnarcadia, about a group of kids creating a space to skateboard from an urban dump zone. There’s some success and failure in those issues as well. After issue 2 it got backburnered but I intend to bring it back with a new issue in a new format.

In 2023 my comics output was mostly limited to 4-panel strips with the title Schmizards posted to Instagram. These have yet to be collected.

I also started getting more into creating sculptures from laminated plywood shapes. I spent the most time working on this black cat guitar stand design.

Otherwise I made a bunch of one-off pieces, cut from plywood on a bandsaw, laminated, and then painted. All of my woodworking art is sold via my Etsy store.

There were other small or dead-end or commissioned projects throughout these years but the above is the tidiest summary for the record. Onward, to the new!

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