Hummingbirds and Mysterious Orbs

Hummingbirds and Mysterious Orbs

Here are a couple of new publications, available at my shop now! Both are short, humorous comics, black and white interiors with color covers. Sharp-eyed readers will note that these are reprints of previous work (from my 2021 year of minicomics, color covers are new for these editions) but the print runs on the original editions were so extremely low that I am confident that these are new to you.

I Demand Excellence is about an artist confronting his own mediocrity and his own clogged ear canals.

I was messing around with that dead line-weight and talking about art angst stuff without being too precious.

Hell Bent for Nectar is basically a story about hummingbirds being little bastards. Not gonna try to explain it more than that.

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