The Big Jab by Fred Noland

The Big Jab by Fred Noland

I’m always excited to get new minis from Fred Noland. His latest is a 10-panel piece documenting his experience at a COVID-19 vaccination site in East Oakland.

As usual for Noland, it’s beautifully-rendered and well-observed. This is a perfect use of the short, photocopied minicomic form, where he has a brief, focused point to make.

A selection of previous Fred Noland works.

As you can see Noland has been a reliable source of excellent minis for years, so it was appropriately excellent news that Drawn & Quarterly will be publishing Noland’s graphic biography of trailblazing cyclist Major Taylor.

Noland previously published some short comics about Taylor that hinted at how much more there is to say about this fascinating historic figure. I’m looking forward to the 2023 publication of this in-depth work.

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