Cover Not Final by Max Huffman

Cover Not Final by Max Huffman

Cover Not Final by Max Huffman (Adhouse Books, 2021) is relentlessly fun, from a table of contents laden with wordplay (“Tennell Leffitt Man Detective”, “Hot Dignity Dog”, “Nounin Out”) to the compact, paperback design that feels like illicit pulp from a smarter timeline.

The comics within deliver on the package’s promise. Huffman’s drawing thrills with lines alternately bouncy and angular. Perspective is masterfully abused.

I could keep spewing adjectives but I don’t wanna be the fussy lecturer over-explaining obvious magic. Just look at those comics. This was the rare book that had me re-reading immediately because each page had more pleasure to give.

Chris Pitzer recently announced that he’s wrapping up Adhouse Books. Congrats to him on the run, and for going out on high notes like Cover Not Final.

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